WorkForce Management
Easily monitor employee hours and review requests from one centralized location, whether they are pending, approved, or denied.
We solve problems in workforce management
Preparation of work schedules for employees
Our software simplifies workforce management by providing a convenient interface for creating and managing employee work schedules in real-time. Whether you're a supervisor or group director, you can easily agree on a monthly work schedule with our software. The manager can create the schedule for the month, print it out, and get it signed by the necessary personnel.
Employee perfomance monitoring
With our system, managers can monitor employee adherence to work schedules in real-time. This is achieved through face recognition technology used to record employee arrival, departure, and breaks, with options for equipment including a computer, tablet, mobile app, or terminal located at the designated point.
Improvement of labor discipline

Our software enhances work discipline by providing transparent communication and collaboration between employees and managers. Additionally, the convenience and versatility of viewing charts allow for better monitoring and management of employee work schedules, improving accountability and efficiency in the workplace.
Compliance with labor laws and trade union requirements
Our software enables compliance with labor laws and trade union requirements, providing a reliable and accurate system for personnel management. This ensures that your business is operating in accordance with legal and ethical guidelines, while promoting a positive and productive work environment for all employees.
Calculation of employee compensation
Our system calculates employee compensation accurately by taking into account their work schedule and any changes made to it. This ensures that employees are fairly compensated for their work, while reducing errors and promoting trust between employees and management.
Employee notification of changes
Our system provides timely notification to all employees regarding changes in their work schedule. This ensures that employees are kept informed and up-to-date, reducing confusion and promoting transparency in the workplace.
Main functions
Work schedule
Our software automatically generates optimized work schedules for staff, considering over 30 restrictions for maximum efficiency.
This eliminates the need for manual copying of old schedules and reduces the risk of errors.
List of employees
Our software provides a complete employee list with their working hours, specialization, and worked and free shifts, enabling managers to efficiently manage their workforce.
Employee personal account (mobile application)
Our app enables employees to view their schedules, clock in/out, receive shift change notifications, take on part-time work, receive tasks and submit reports, track their salary, and enhance their skills and productivity.
Data analysis
Our software collects and analyzes personnel data, including schedules and part-time work, providing accurate insights. The system stores data history for up to three years.
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