We help service-oriented businesses optimize their front personnel shift management with AI
Partnering with us, you can anticipate an impressive yearly boost of $83,000 in profit for each of your locations
What kind of profits do we make for our clients?
Reduce turnover rate by
3-5 %
Data-driven decision helps to make the schedule flexible, which leads to happier personnel and can save you up to $30,000 per year in attracting new staff at one location
Boost the level of productivity by up to
Our data-driven solution helps to optimize the working process in the company and save up to $60 000 every year.
Boost revenue by up to
We create data-history labor forecasting that analyzes your sales and recommends the best possible combination of people. It can bring you an extra $70 000 per location annually
Easy to use
UX-friendly website and app is simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to start using Workestra.ai
Key Features
Labor forecasting
Due to the analysis of your previous selling, Workestra.AI forecasts the optimal number of front-line staff needed at your locations to maximize sales and minimize employee downtime. You can start experiencing the initial economic benefits within just one month!

AI Assistant powered by СhatGPT
The system generates a draft employee work schedule based on the compiled work schedules from previous months and future business drivers' forecasts. The AI assistant provides recommendations to the facility manager for improving their workforce planning.
The module enables clock in/clock out for your employees from any device: mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Based on this information, the system calculates the working hours for each employee to calculate payroll, considering internal company rules and ensuring compliance.
This functionality helps the facility manager effectively distribute tasks among employees, ensuring the achievement of the company's business goals while also increasing employee engagement.
Case Study
Grocery-retailer with 350 stores reduced payroll and improved customer satisfaction
● 15% boost of index measuring customer satisfaction
● 28% less time processing schedule
● 10,2% payroll reduction
Jewerly chain of 250 stores decreased staff downtime and implemented shift exchange
● 15% payroll reduction leaving revenue unchanged
● 35% less time processing schedule
● Enabled seamless integration with shift exchange solution
Bed and mattress manufacturer enhances organizational performance in >600 stores
● 9% increase in efficiency of 4500 employees
● 0,5% conversion rate growth
● 10% improvement of performance indicators
● Connected all workforce operations with one comprehensive solution
Anton Bereza: Revolutionizing Workforce Management with AI-Based Solutions
Workestra.AI, provides a sophisticated software that helps businesses automate the scheduling and management of their front-line staff, providing significant economic benefits to its customers.
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