Efficient and easy outsourcing for deploying external staff.
We solve problems in workforse management

Control over the distribution of tasks in the store

Our AI-based system automatically distributes tasks among employees to prevent errors without requiring the involvement of a leader or manager. This improves efficiency and ensures smoother operations for your business.
Automatic assignment of tasks in real time
Our AI-powered system assigns tasks in real-time based on a standard list of operations, distributes them among employees, and recommends the order and time of tasks. This frees up the manager's time, as their involvement is not required for task assignment and improves overall operational efficiency.
Task execution control

The system prompts and controls the order and timing of tasks performed by employees in real-time, improving workflow efficiency and productivity.

Identification of problem areas

Our system dynamically identifies the speed and priority of tasks and can adjust task allocation accordingly, accounting for factors such as unforeseen deliveries or other circumstances. This ensures maximum efficiency and minimizes disruptions to your business operations.

Saving time for management staff

Real-time AI task management and redistribution helps managers save time by ensuring timely task execution and effective redistribution of tasks, even in cases of unexpected events such as force majeure or sudden deliveries.

Facilitates the onboarding of new staff

Our system provides pre-made task templates, simplifying employee task familiarization and reducing training time, ultimately boosting work efficiency.
Main functions

Analysis of the sequence of typical tasks

The system analyzes common tasks and sequences to optimize their execution and reduce time spent on them.

Distribution of tasks between staff

The system distributes tasks automatically among staff based on analysis, freeing managers from the task allocation process.

Unscheduled Tasks

In case of unforeseen tasks, such as force majeure, sudden delivery, or other factors, the system promptly and flexibly adjusts the task sequence and redistributes them among employees in real-time.
Employee's personal account
By providing employees with personal accounts, they can easily view the tasks assigned to them and their respective deadlines, allowing them to avoid wasting time figuring out necessary actions.
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