Our software simplifies the process of scheduling, monitoring, and managing external staff, enabling greater oversight and control over their activities for optimal efficiency.
We solve problems in workforse management
Administering external personnel
Our software is designed to streamline the management of external personnel, featuring a user-friendly interface that ensures convenient and easy operation. With this powerful tool, businesses can efficiently administer their workforce and improve their overall performance.
Monitoring the activities of external personnel
Our software offers a user-friendly and convenient interface for managers to monitor external staff activities seamlessly and effortlessly, no matter where they are or what time it is.
Calculating compensation for external contractors
Our software streamlines compensation calculation for external contractors, allowing managers to efficiently manage and oversee the process. With automation and accuracy, it simplifies the task and provides real-time insights to ensure effective management.
Main functions
Outsoursing schedule
Our interface for outsourcing staff enables fast and efficient closure of job openings, while also providing visibility into the work of active staff.

Shift exchange and requests
Our shift exchange feature facilitates automated employee substitutions while coordinating with the central office, notifying eligible employees of available vacancies to fill.
Outsourcing personal account
Our software offers a personalized account for outsourcing employees, allowing them to easily access information on available vacancies, view their schedule, and record their arrivals and departures for accurate time tracking.
Our outsourcing work analytics enables the identification of reliable and efficient employees and efficient closing of urgent tasks in the future.
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