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Artificial intelligence to help your business.
We solve problems in workforse management
Assistance with scheduling
AI assistant simplifies workforce management by optimizing employee schedules and calculating their workload based on individual needs with over 90% accuracy. It also analyzes data to predict future labor requirements and identifies opportunities for improvement, helping businesses achieve greater efficiency and productivity.
Achieving KPI targets
Our AI assistant enhances KPIs by automating store operations and accurately forecasting employee scheduling needs for the upcoming week, month, and year, resulting in optimized staffing levels and increased efficiency.
Elimination of the risk of errors associated with the human factor.
With our AI assistant, errors related to the human factor are minimized or eliminated through data collection, precise calculation, and analysis. This ensures that risks are mitigated and accurate results are achieved, leading to better decision-making and improved overall performance.
Main functions
Analysis of schedules
The AI system reviews hand-drawn charts before implementation, analyzes schedule data and workload to enable automation, and minimize errors associated with manual scheduling.
Analysis results
After analyzing the schedules, the AI system provides output results that aid in the further compilation and optimization of employee workloads.
Charting tips
After analyzing the data, our AI system provides recommendations for creating optimized schedules, helping to avoid mistakes and ensuring consistency in scheduling practices.
AI Assistent Concept
Labour forecasting for each
hour for 1-2 months ahead
Monthly shift scheduling
(for 1-2 month ahead)
Daily shift scheduling
(for 2-3 days ahead)
Daily task management
Calculate norms for
each operations
Forecasting business drivers
Complete list of store's
System creates 90%
ready scheduling
Director makes
some changes
System gives him final
Control target number % of
covering and dead time
Create extra
This object
Close objects
Third party personnel
If needed
System refreshes
labour forecasting
Business processes
are changed
Business drivers
are changed
Manager could
reschedule shits
System calculates
number of working
Clock in/out
employees in
real time
System creates reports
about productivity
System distribute tasks
among employees
Employees input data
when they are finished
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